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Kit:  Urth's Mailen Crop

Kit: Urth's Mailen Crop

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“Mailen is a name of Mapuche culture, in it’s language called Mapudungún (the language of the earth).

Mailen means princess, but it is not the same concept that is handled in occidental.

For the Mapuches, princess is synonymous with a powerful, noble and intelligent woman. The Mapuches or people of the earth, live in southern Argentina and Chile, in the territory they call Araucanía, since before the Spanish conquest. This project is in honor of them.”

Designed by Cecilia Losada

Including the pattern is optional

Available in 10 sizes

750 - 2600 yards (686 - 2377 m)

Click on the link for pattern details - mailen

You can see below, some of the color combinations we prepared for you. Have your own color combination in mind? We can’t wait to see it.

Mailen uses Monokrom Fingering and Harvest Fingering.