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was taught to knit at age 9 by my babcia, and my first project was a rather misshapen hot pink acrylic scarf. Fast forward to adulthood, where my second project was also a pink (and orange!acrylic scarf.

Fortunately, the book Teach Yourself Visually-Knitting, a visit to a New Jersey LYS, and an account on ravelry opened up the endlessly satisfying world of fiber, patterntechnique and community. 

I’m grateful that St. Pete has a local yarn store to call its own, and that I have the opportunity to work and teach here. Every time I am in the shop I learn something new from somebody. We have inspiring customers from all walks of life, coming together over our shared love of knitting and crochet.

In addition to knitting I enjoy dancing, sourdough baking, slow food, and Real Florida.

I prefer to lay low online but you can find me on ravelry as KnitWen.