I first learned to knit during the summer of 2007.  I come from a long line of knitters, crocheters and sewers, however, I learned to knit from someone at my local yarn shop.  Once I got through my first garter stitch scarf that I knit all in one week, I was hooked!  I went from that scarf to a hat to socks and on to sweaters and more.  Quickly, my knitting became something that is still to this day always with me.  

Shortly after learning to knit, I was taught to spin at a knit night and that also became a something I love to do.  Although, I don't spin nearly as often as I wish I did.

Other than knitting and spinning, I love sewing, reading, crafting with my two young daughters and being outdoors. Especially if it involves laying in a hammock on a cool day.  

I'd love to help you pick out yarn and/or your next project, talk knitting or help you fix a mistake. You can find me at either location, on ravelry as barknknit, and on instagram as @masteringtheknits.  Also can find my podcast at