I have always loved to learn new skills and crochet and knitting were no exceptions. I started out with crochet when I was a teenager — I tried knitting but it didn’t stick yet. My first crochet project was a little hedgehog that still sits on my bookshelf next to all my fiber arts books. I kept crocheting until I went to graduate school and needed a new challenge. I was working my MFA  and was on computers non-stop and really missed working with my hands. I became obsessed with learning to knit in my spare time after discovering Ravelry. Knitting gave me a great way to relieve some of the grad school stress that wasn’t staring at another screen in-between classes. My first couple of projects were dishcloths via KnitPicks Learn to Knit Kits and Youtube videos, I still remember how rewarding it felt to cast off that first dishcloth.


I would love to help with your next project, whether it’s knitting or crochet! You can find me at either Stash location and on Ravelry and Instagram as ericaerin.