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The Local Coop: Meet the Makers

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In my pre-Stash days I explored various ways of making money with my knitting and crocheting skills. I made custom handknit items for my friends and family and in the now defunct Alchemy section of Etsy, I taught knitting and crochet summer camp at the City of Largo and did private lessons via None of those were quite the right fit for me but had I known about the business model that The Local Coop envisioned the story may have gone a different way. Here's their story: The Local COOP, located in the Crislip Arcade on the 600 Block...

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Meet our local dyers

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While I was perusing the latest issue of Vogue Knitting I saw a mention of our friends at The Fiber Seed.  I thought you'd like to know more about them too.  Here's their story: The Beginnings Lindsay began in the kitchen in 2012. A one sink, stove with two working burners, no room for the microwave kitchen. With a hank of wool and a couple of Kool-Aid packets Lindsay became a mad scientist, mixing packets to get colors you wouldn't believe could come from a childhood drink mix. At that point the "dye bug" bit. She wanted to dye more yarn and...

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