Stash is on the Move!

Moving New location

It was 3 years ago last month that Shush and I signed the lease for Stash in the eclectic and quirky 600 block. We knew we had found the perfect location for our little shop. We have wonderful neighbors who have become friends, and a great community of knitters who have also become friends. I really couldn't be happier. However, if you've been to a knit night lately you know we are busting at the seams and so we're making the leap to a bigger location!
At the end of May, exact timelines are not yet known, we'll pack up all the yarny goodness and head just 2 miles west to 2820 1st Ave N. Our new "home" actually was a home at one time and includes all the things we need to grow Stash into its potential. That means MORE YARN, more classes, more events AND our very own parking spots! We'll also be able to knit outside and enjoy our lovely weather when we can. Stay tuned for updates!
Shush and I signing the lease

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  • Liz Taylor on

    Ohhh man! So close to Cappys! Watch out for all the pizza consumption that is about to happen. ;) Congrats!

  • Jerry Buttelwerth on

    Congrats! See you in your new home when I’m back in St. Pete.

  • Glory P. on

    So happy to hear about your move! And Congrats!
    Will look forward to stopping in to say hello and visit
    you new location!

  • Tamsey Audet on

    Oh my! We will be in St Pete the weekend of May 20. I planned to stop by. Will you be at the new location?

  • Peg O'Grady Kennedy on

    How exciting! Congratulations!

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