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Hurricane Maria relief

As most of you know Shush was in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria. He had gone down to work and ended up staying to be with his mom. They were never in any physical danger but he was unable to return home for almost a week due to limited travel through the San Juan airport. He will be returning in a couple weeks to check on his mom and bring some needed items to her community. If you'd like to help here's how:

1. We will be collecting toiletry items at the shop. Needed items include deodorant, soap, diapers, tampons, shampoo, and especially baby wipes. With the lack of running water, wipes are perfect for personal hygiene. 

2. A newly established non-profit, Yarn For Peace, Inc is allowing us to "sell" yarn that they have received as donations. Some of this yarn will be offered on Instagram and some will be available in the shop along with some other items that I have gathered, including some homemade jam from one of my dear customers, Lori B.

3. We are creating a community knit blanket. You can help by knitting a 6" mitered or garter stitch square, in sport, DK, or worsted weight yarn, any color, and any fiber except for 100% acrylic. The blanket will be given away in a drawing on or before March 4, 2018, tickets will be $5. If you'd like to sell tickets in your circle of friends/family you can pick them up at Stash.

The devastation to Puerto Rico and the other islands is beyond belief. Shush was kind enough to share his videos on Facebook. I realize what we are doing is only a drop in the bucket but it is a start.

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