Holiday Market


We've got the space and we're gonna use it!

Saturday, December 9 and 16th will be the inaugural dates for the Stash Holiday Market. If you'd like to sell your hand knit or crocheted items, or other gifts for knitters and non knitters alike, think soaps, jams, project bags, artwork, yarn bowls, etc.

The fee to sell is $5 for every 10 items, paid in cash, in advance to Yarn For Peace and 10% of sales to Stash for credit card fees, POS entry, and advertising/promotion. 

You do not need to be present for the sale, we'll take care of that. This is a great opportunity to explore the craft fair market for a small fee and a chance for us to bring some new folks into the shop to see all the lovelies, and hopefully entice them into picking up a new hobby.

We are also looking for a few volunteers to help on the sales days.

Items will need to be dropped off between December 1 and 8th, with an inventory and a price list. Unsold items picked up by December 21. Proceeds will be distributed via PayPal on December 21. We hope this will become an annual event so help spread the word.


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  • Bettyann Windram Cronk on

    I make jewelry. Would you be interested in that?

    Bettyann Cronk

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