Get Your Lace On

Lace knitting is perhaps the most intimidating technique for most knitters, but the outcome is well worth the effort. Knitted lace is created by purposefully adding holes, in the form of yarn overs, in a distinct and pleasing pattern. These holes are typically combined with decrease stitches to keep stitch counts consistent and to add further interest to the design. 

If you have been considering adding lace work to your knitting repertoire we have just the series of classes for you. Taught by Wendy, the Building with Lace program will take you through each section of Michelle "KnitPurl" Hunter's engaging project. From simple lace and chart reading to more complicated techniques such as nupps, circle lace patterns, beading and applied edges you'll grow into an accomplished lace knitter. While each class builds on the previous to create an exquisite wrap they can also be taken individually to master a particular technique.

Wendy is an experienced lace knitter and is very excited to be adding to her responsibilities here at Stash. The first class is scheduled for Saturday, September 22. Please contact us if you are interested in creating the entire wrap so we may order Rylie for you in your choice of 17 beautiful colors.

If you're not quite ready for lace try our Intro to Increases class.

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