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Most of us learned to knit flat, working a row, turning, then working back. Oftentimes we progressed to working in the round for hats, cowls, and eventually socks. But how many of you have started a project at the center of a piece, working out flat, on DPNs and then circulars? This is one of my favorite techniques. 

Knitting from the center outwards creates some interesting designs and shapes. You can get circles, squares, hexagons, and more depending on how and where you increase. Using long striping yarns or gradients, you get colorwork that radiates outwards, and simple lace patterns become geometric masterpieces.

One of my favorites in the shop is the Frostproof Shawl, designed by Lindsay English at The Fiber Seed. Knit in one skein of a solid color sock yarn, Sprout is used in the sample below, this piece only has 2 ends to weave in!


My other fave is the Lovey Blanket knit with a Top This hat kit and a ball of Caribou. I wrote up this pattern and it's been a hit with many of my knitters, it would make a great crochet project as well. Pair it with a book and it makes a great baby shower gift (this is what Kim D does).



Knitting from the center out can be done in any weight of yarn, you'll just want to use an appropriate needle size, and the best part is you can make them any size. It's a great stash buster, or if you're on a deadline just knit 'til you run out of time or yarn. The smaller projects are also great for summer knitting or when you're traveling. 

I've created a bundle of patterns on Ravelry to show more examples.

And when you're ready to start from the center out we'll be having a Tech Sunday class on June 24th.


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