The Year of the Blanket Posted on 17 Dec 14:00 , 1 comment


As I look back on the year, as we tend to do as New Year's looms, I realize that I completed several blankets through the year. The Hexipuff Quilt which I worked on every day for 6 months, the Chevron Baby Blanket in Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton, a mosaic stitch blanket and a commissioned garter stitch diamond baby blanket in Simplicity by HiKoo. I'm almost finished with a sampler blanket from Michelle Hunter's Building in Color.  Several customers have also finished blankets and it got me to thinking that it can be a great confidence builder to new knitters. I started the Building Blocks classes a few months ago and they have been very popular so I'm expanding the classes to include the Building in Color book as well. Both books were written by Michelle Hunter and provide a systematic way to build new techniques. I'm also changing my Beginner Knitting classes to keep my new knitters knitting, learning, and becoming involved with the great community of knitters that gather here at Stash.



Sundays from 11 to 12 will be building better knitters day.  For just $20 per session you'll be introduced not only to a new technique but other topics of interest to knitters such as Ravelry and all its wonders, how to choose a yarn for a project, the importance of swatching, and fun knitting hacks. The classes are not just for beginners. Is there a new technique that you've been wanting to learn? Cables, bobbles, intarsia, mosaic stitch, finishing, and many others will be explored. While you can use the techniques in many types of projects if you happen to finish a blanket (or two) by the end of 2016 you'll be entered into a drawing to win $100 of yarn. Please check in shop for other contest qualifications. 

This is a go at your own pace set of classes and we'll work our way through each book twice so you can start whenever you're ready. So who's in?