The Hockey Cowl/Scarf Posted on 02 Oct 15:41 , 0 comments

I grew up in Minnesota where the winters were long and hockey ruled. My favorite team, was the North Stars and we had season tickets all the while I was growing up. When I moved to Florida in 1977 hockey was ripped from my life like a bandaid off a cut. I returned to my beloved Minnesota in 1981 and enjoyed being near my North Stars and the culture of hockey once more. Fast forward to 1991 and I was headed back again to Florida. Hockey would soon follow. In 1992, the expansion Tampa Bay Lightning began their first season and in 1993 my beloved North Stars moved to Dallas and the Lightning would call the Thunderdome, now Tropicana Field, home. Yes, they played hockey in a baseball stadium. You do what you have to do. Once again, we were season ticket holders and the Lightning, through thick and thin, became my team. 

It's just a few days 'til the beginning of hockey season and to commemorate I've designed a pattern to tell the story of the upcoming season. Similar to the Scoreboard KAL and the Cracker Jack cowl, my design, adaptable to whatever team you cheer for, will use knitting to create a record of the season. Using four colors for goals and penalties and an optional 5th to differentiate the start of games, hockey's important stats are knitted into a cowl or scarf. I've created a simple stripes only and a complicated checkerboard pattern to knit all through the regular season and hopefully into the playoffs. 

I knitted up a sample using one of the Lightning's pre-season games. Here's how it turned out.


 To download the directions click here.