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Meet our local dyers

While I was perusing the latest issue of Vogue Knitting I saw a mention of our friends at The Fiber Seed.  I thought you'd like to know more about them too.  Here's their story:

The Beginnings
Lindsay began in the kitchen in 2012. A one sink, stove with two working burners, no room for the microwave kitchen. With a hank of wool and a couple of Kool-Aid packets Lindsay became a mad scientist, mixing packets to get colors you wouldn't believe could come from a childhood drink mix. At that point the "dye bug" bit. She wanted to dye more yarn and pass it around to her friends like you show pictures of your kids. Since setting out to show off her yarn, she knew this is where she wanted to be, dyeing. Since then, she has created over 100 vibrant colorways, employing that Art degree she worked diligently for.  
Our Philosophy
We aspired to be distinct, to be the multi-colored sheep... so to speak. We wanted to bring a naturally derived yarn to the fiber arts community, to revive the art of hand-crafting a natural product that revitalizes peoples creativity. At our core is the belief that vibrant color & soft US wool can live in a symbiotic relationship - one doesn't need to be sacrificed for the other.  We also use an American made dye that has no harsh chemicals (no hazmat warnings needed here), no heavy metals, low impact on the environment, plus it's very color fast. It also conforms to the Organic Trade Association's standards for Organic Fiber Processing.  So, with The Fiber Seed, you get the whole package.  We do more than just dye yarn, we consciously find and use domestic American made products that have little to no effect on the environment.
Made in the USA 

The Fiber Seed is an American hand dyeing yarn company with one task...provide a colorful, consistent, reliable yarn for you. We believe that happens best with American made products.  

American manufacturing is not in the numbers it once was, but it is producing a reliable product that is seemingly untapped. The yarns we have made consist of wool from American farms and is processed by some of the oldest wool mills in the nation.  Even the dyes we use were created and continued to be manufactured here.  

We are proud to have an American made product because we are proud of the products that Americans make. They give us the solid foundation to dye our yarn that allows us to deliver a consistent and reliable product.

Dyed in Florida

It all comes together in Florida.  We dye our yarns in the heart of Tampa Bay, well the peninsula in the bay actually.  And, no, we don't use the saltwater from the bay.

Lindsay was born and raised here.  She even began the business at her grandparents home in South Tampa.  It's a family effort now.  Her husband, Jordan, is her paper pushing office manager and their son thinks he is a site boss...born 2014.   

The sun is brighter down here and it's out all the time (the Sunshine State they call it).  We see more natural colors, colors we want to recreate and share with you. So, the next item you're making, put some color in it from Florida.  You'll thank us for it!

You can order Sprout and Costa Laurel from The Fiber Seed in our online shop. We also carry Seedlings in the shop.

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