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It's been a hectic few weeks what with traveling to Cuba, moving into my new apartment and being on TV! I can't believe all the hullabaloo just because a girl wants to take the bus to work so she can knit. In case you missed it, there were two stories recently about me knitting on the bus. One was on Bay News 9, and the other on Fox 13 with Charley Belcher. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I will sometimes post shots of my knitting while I'm on the bus. PSTA saw them too and reached out to me to do the stories. It really is easier for me and if it encourages someone to hop on the trolley and spend the day downtown then my mission is accomplished. 

In the knitting world I've also gotten a little attention, which is pretty cool. About 6 weeks ago knitting blogger Gaye Glasspie, a/k/a GGMadeit came into the shop. She's down here working and asked her many fans to fill her in on the LYS scene here. She stopped into to see us on a Sunday afternoon (my favorite day) and promptly wrote about her experience--you can read it here. Since then I've been enjoying her adventures and appreciating her perspective and the "Confessions of a Yarnho."

Around the same time we had a visit from knitting podcaster Janine McCarty a/k/a Yarn and Ewe Girl. Ok, so she had only done one podcast prior to coming to the shop, but now she's got a few more "in the can" including the second one where she talks about her visit to Stash. Watch it here. I love the connections that I've been making while doing my yarn thing.

This wonderful town of St. Petersburg lures in people from around the world and I love when I have the time to chat awhile and recommend yarns they may not be able to get at home, like our local goodness from The Fiber Seed, and the shop favorite Delicious Yarns. I'll give my advice on where to eat, drink, and shop as well.

Yarntourism Rocks!

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  • Ronny on

    That’s so cool Kristin! Yes, I know, I’m a bit behind the news. :)

  • Gaye on

    I saw the news and I was screaming “I know her!” HAHAHAHAHAAA awesome!

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