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We've been in the new shop just about a month now and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! It'll be a work in progress for awhile as we juggle the need for more yarn with the fun upgrades we want to do. 

The knitting lounge has been the biggest hit. With plenty of comfy chairs to choose from and three big bright windows that let in the light, it really is the perfect place to come and knit awhile. And no need to worry about staying too long, moving your car, or getting a parking ticket. There is plenty of free, no limit, street parking and our own spots in the alley. 

The classroom space is huge and I'm excited to get more classes scheduled. Until that happens the room can be rented for other classes of any kind, or meetings. So if you know someone looking for a spot have them call the shop.

And more space means more yarn! For the latest arrivals check our #newinshop collection in our website's catalog. Or subscribe to our new YouTube channel where we'll post videos on unboxings, tips and tricks, book reviews, customer show and tell, and all sorts of other fun things. 

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Batter Up!


Tickets are now available for this year's Stitch N Pitch at the Rays. We'll have the same party area as last year for the game on Sunday, August 13 vs Cleveland Indians. Game time is 1:10. Join all your fiber friends and baseball fans as we stitch while they pitch. 

You can get your tickets at our new location for $55 (cash only) or by sending a check to:

Stash-A Place For Yarn,

2820 1st Ave N

St Petersburg, FL 33713


If you absolutely have to pay online email me at and I will send you a PayPal link.

We're working on putting together some yarn goodies and there will be some light snacks in our party area. You can park near the shop and catch the Central Avenue Trolley for $.50 if you'd like, there is plenty of parking at our new spot. The shop will be open before and after the game so you can see our beautiful new space.

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We're putting on some final touches here at our new location on 1st Ave North. We'll be open for business at 11:00 am on Saturday, June 3rd. Excuse us if we're not totally set up but I know you've been chomping at the bit to see our new digs. We'll have three new yarns from Berroco for our opening and more new goodies on the way. I'm heading to the TNNA Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday so please come and keep Wendy company (and buy things) while I'm gone.

Stash is on the Move! Posted on 09 May 13:02 , 9 comments

It was 3 years ago last month that Shush and I signed the lease for Stash in the eclectic and quirky 600 block. We knew we had found the perfect location for our little shop. We have wonderful neighbors who have become friends, and a great community of knitters who have also become friends. I really couldn't be happier. However, if you've been to a knit night lately you know we are busting at the seams and so we're making the leap to a bigger location!
At the end of May, exact timelines are not yet known, we'll pack up all the yarny goodness and head just 2 miles west to 2820 1st Ave N. Our new "home" actually was a home at one time and includes all the things we need to grow Stash into its potential. That means MORE YARN, more classes, more events AND our very own parking spots! We'll also be able to knit outside and enjoy our lovely weather when we can. Stay tuned for updates!
Shush and I signing the lease

The Gift of a Tie: Stash's Origin Story Posted on 01 May 09:29 , 5 comments

Do you know the story of the tie? Some of you do, some of you have seen it. For those who don't know here is how it goes.

Shush and I met in 2008 on a not to be named website. We like a lot of the same things: corny old songs, Broadway musicals, food, and we hit it off pretty well. On the day we met he was wearing a tie, I don't remember which one but I'm sure it was goofy. It may have been Goofy. He told me that he wore a tie pretty much all the time including when we was working from home. Silly me, I thought you worked from home so you could wear jammies all day. 

Fast forward to 2013 and I'm scrolling through the interwebs when I see a post by a friend for a Kickstarter campaign that had some really cool sculptural, wearable art, including some kick a** ties. I thought this would be a really cool gift to get Jose a/k/a Shush. And so I pledged the required amount and hoped they would get fully funded. (For those of you who don't know about Kickstarter, make sure you investigate it. I've made several pledges and sometimes they are life changing. Stay tuned for this one, too.) Had this campaign not got fully funded the story would have ended here. I would have found some other tie, he would have been mildly amused and I'd probably be teaching Comp 1 or working in a bland cubicle. This was not to be the case. Instead, I was invited to a cool thank you party at the home of the artists, George and Scott of Spathose, and picked up my tie. Here's a photo, pretty cool, eh?

I gave it to him for Christmas. He thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, calling it the best present anyone had ever gotten him. Damn, I did good! Then he asked, "What do YOU want?"

I instinctively replied, "A yarn store." 

"You want yarn?" he asked.

"No, a yarn STORE."

He knew I knit, but I don't think he knew that it's every knitter's dream to have their own store, their own giant stash. 

In January of 2014 we took a quick little trip to New Orleans and we visited Quarter Stitch. He picked up a big ol' hank of yarn, looked at the price and asked if people would really pay that much. "Yes, and gladly" I told him. That's all it took, he was all in and the rest is history! We opened July 1, 2014 and have never looked back.

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We've got a new KAL starting up for the Endless Wrap knit in Woolstok from Blue Sky Fibers. Woolstok is a lofty 100% Fine Highland Wool and the pattern is perfect for beginners. You'll be using size US 11 needles so you'll get some instant gratification, and plenty of help will be available if you need it. Come to the Cast On Party Thursday, April 20 and join in with all your fiber friends. There will also be PRIZES! But no starting early if you want to win. The KAL will run through May 31st. 

Get your pattern free if you purchase the same color that I'll be using. You'll have to guess what that color will be.

Call the shop at 727-822-9276 or email mskristinknits@stashstpete to choose your colors and sign up for the KAL by April 11th and save 10%. Get the pattern at half price with the promo code Endless on Ravelry or at Blue Sky Fibers (through April 30, 2017).

Not local? You can still join in and participate on Facebook, Instagram, and Ravelry. 


Click here for latest news and participation opportunities 




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I'm trying to fill the shop windows with hearts for the month of February. If you can knit, crochet, weave, embroider, or just wrap yarn around a piece of heart shaped cardboard I need your help. Any size, any color, any technique, it doesn't matter. I even have some yarn for you to use. Stop by or send your hearts to Stash before January 31!


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Need some motivation to get your holiday* gift projects done? How about some monetary motivation? Here's how it works:

1. Decide on a project and buy the yarn at Stash. The project must require at least 2 skeins of yarn. We'll record details on your Stash Christmas Club (SCC) card.

2. Get 10% off the yarn (regularly priced).

3. Complete the project.

4. Bring project (or photos) back to Stash.

5. Buy yarn for next project on the same day as you bring completed project back and save 15%.

6. Repeat from step 2 up to two more times and receive an additional 5% savings with each project up until December 24th. And then get a gift from me.

*You can do projects for yourself

Additional requirements:

Must purchase all yarn for project at one time.

If you want to do more than 4 projects you have to start back at 10% savings on new card.

Out of town? No worries, use the discount code StashClub on your first order and when you've finished, send me the pics and I'll send you a new code for your next order.

Enjoy the holiday crafting season!

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Taking a poll--click here


Summer Holiday closures Posted on 28 May 16:01 , 0 comments

Just a quick notice that we will be closed the following Sundays this summer

Sunday, June 29 (Memorial Day weekend)

Sunday, July 3 (4th of July weekend)

Sunday, September 4th (Labor Day weekend)